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60-Day Super Weight Loss Plan
60-Day Super Weight Loss Plan
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Five Super Weight Loss "Terminators" Work Together to Help You Lose Weight

Quickly, Safely, Permanently if You Desire!

Each TERMINATOR improves YOUR odds of being a WINNER in Your FAT WAR. Together, they work "synergistically" to Zap Fat from your waist line.

Weight Loss Terminator Number One is SUPER FAT TRAPPERâ„¢ that can absorb dietary fat before it reaches your waistline thereby helping you control weight. Each 250mg tablet may eliminate 2-4 grams of fat. Take the recommended 8 tablets a day and 16-32 grams of fat may be eliminated. Over one month this could amount up to 7 fewer pounds! Remember, these are pounds of fat that can cling to your waist line, raise your cholesterol levels, harden your arteries, shorten and make miserable your life!

Weight Loss TERMINATOR Two is our High Potency Energy and Appetite Suppressor we sell nationally as the RAIN FOREST DIET SECRET that combines the energizing yerba mate, 200 mg, Guarana, 200 mg and Damiana, 100 mg into the most powerful fat burning supplement available. This same formula is sold on national TV for $134.00. This formula can help you burn the actual fat off your body while decreasing your appetite. You eat less and stimulate your body to burn more fat. There is NO controversial Ma Hung or ephedra that may make you jumpy, nauseous, or maybe increase blood pressure!

Weight Loss TERMINATORS Three, Four and Five are the unique Supplementspot Triple Hormone Tablets combining:

  • 25 mg of DHEA to speed up your metabolism;

  • 25 mg of super hormone Pregnenolone that decreases cravings for fattening foods while reducing the stress of dieting in your life;

  • 3 mg of Melatonin to help you get the regular sound sleep that many need to diet effectively.

All of these Super Weight Loss Terminators are sold separately and we urge you to read our information packed descriptions by clicking on the links below. Then, order your Super Weight Loss Plan that saves you up to 65% over the cost of individual purchases. Effective, guaranteed, and economical weight loss from

You can also apply for the free weekly Low Fat Recipes Newsletter and Recipe Site where you will find over 1200 free low-fat recipes.

JMS's Super Weight Loss Plan is a total program designed to get the weight off and keep it off without yo-yo dieting and unhealthy diets of any type. While you may actually lose several pounds in a week, to lose just 1 pound a week is very healthy and easily achievable. If you lose to much to fast you are probably losing both muscle mass and water weight instead of fat. Then if you get off your diet plan and put on a few pounds, you are likely putting on fat and not muscle. So everytime this happens, you lose muscle and gain fat. This can be a vicious cycle and the opposite of what you want to do. Up to 90% of the people trying to lose or maintain their objective weight fall into this trap. Healthy diet, exercise, supplements, and a realistic approach is the Key to acheiving your desired weight.

This 60 Day Plan is designed to help you lose 8 to 20 lbs. It also saves you money. Purchased individually, these Super Weight Loss Weapons cost $154, a savings of 29%!


  • 2 Bottles of Super Fat Trapperâ„¢, 240 capsules total: take 6 capsules per day. 2 with breakfast and 2 with both lunch and dinner.

  • 2 bottles Rain Forest Diet Secret, 240 capsules total: take 2 capsules in the morning with a low-fat breakfast for energy and appetite suppression. Take 1 with both lunch and dinner.

  • 2 bottles Triple Hormone, 120 tablets; women should take 1 per day before bedtime; men can take 2 per day before bedtime.


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